Picture Quiz using JavaScript

Now we will see the another interesting concept in this tutorial. The concept is How to create Picture Quiz using simple JavaScript. Here we will make the button as a image by using CSS, Inside the button we will place the different type of images. 

In this example i created the 5 different types of questions and also you can increase or the decrease the questions based on your requirements. You can add the picture questions in the array with the answer and you also declare the image variable you required. And you will get the picture quiz result at end of the questions session.

This types of picture quiz is really attract the customers and easy to visual and also this kind of picture quiz is very useful for the children's especially. I hope this example is very useful you can see the demo link and download button below.  

Picture Quiz using JavaScript

How to create Picture Quiz using CSS and JavaScript:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<head lang="en">
<meta charset="UTF-8">
<title>Picture Quiz</title>
body {
background-color: #eeeeee;
.grid {
width: 68%;
height: 520px;
margin: 0 auto;
background-color: #fff;
padding: 10px 50px 50px 50px;
border-radius: 50px;
border: 2px solid #cbcbcb;
box-shadow: 10px 15px 5px #cbcbcb;

.buttons img
.grid h1 {
font-family: "sans-serif";
background-color: #ffc107;
font-size: 35px;
text-align: center;
color: #ffffff;
padding: 2px 0px;
border-radius: 50px;
margin-top: 50px;
    color: red;
    background-color: #ffc107;
    height: 2px;
    border: none;
#score {
color: #ffc107;
text-align: center;
font-size: 30px;

.grid #question {
font-family: "monospace";
font-size: 30px;
color: #ffc107;

.buttons {
margin-top: 30px;

#btn3 {

    padding: 0px;
font-size: 20px;
color: #fff;
    border: none;
margin: 10px 20px 10px 0px;


#btn3:hover {
cursor: pointer;
background-color: #ffc107;

#btn3:focus {
outline: 0;

#progress {
color: #2b2b2b;
font-size: 18px;

<div class="grid">
<div id="quiz">
<h1>Picture Quiz</h1>
<hr style="margin-bottom: 20px">
<p id="question"></p>
<div class="buttons">
<button id="btn0"><span id="choice0"></span></button>
<button id="btn1"><span id="choice1"></span></button>
<button id="btn2"><span id="choice2"></span></button>
<button id="btn3"><span id="choice3"></span></button>
<hr style="margin-top: 50px">
<p id="progress">Question x of y</p>
<script type="text/javascript">
var images = {
"dog"  : "dog.jpg",
"cow" : "cow.jpg",
"cat" : "cat.jpg",
"goat"   : "goat.jpg",
"deer"   : "deer.jpg",
"hen"   : "hen.jpg",
"lion"   : "lion.jpg",
"parrot"   : "parrot.jpg",
"tiger"   : "tiger.jpg"

function populate() {
if (quiz.isEnded()) {
} else {
// show question
var element = document.getElementById("question");
element.innerHTML = quiz.getQuestionIndex().text;

// show options
var choices = quiz.getQuestionIndex().choices;
for (var i = 0; i < choices.length; i++) {
var element = document.getElementById("choice" + i);
element.innerHTML = images[choices[i]]? '<img src="'+images[choices[i]]+'"/>':choices[i];
guess("btn" + i, choices[i]);


function guess(id, guess) {
var button = document.getElementById(id);
button.onclick = function() {

function showProgress() {
var currentQuestionNumber = quiz.questionIndex + 1;
var element = document.getElementById("progress");
element.innerHTML = "Question " + currentQuestionNumber + " of " + quiz.questions.length;

function showScores() {
var gameOverHTML = "<h1>Result</h1>";
gameOverHTML += "<h2 id='score'> Your scores: " + quiz.score + "</h2>";
var element = document.getElementById("quiz");
element.innerHTML = gameOverHTML;

// create questions
var questions = [
new Question("Which one is dog?", ["cow", "goat", "cat", "dog"], "dog"),
new Question("select tiger below", ["parrot", "deer", "tiger", "lion"], "tiger"),
new Question("choose parrot pls?", ["hen", "parrot", "goat",  "dog"], "parrot"),
new Question("Find cat below?", ["parrot", "goat", "cat", "tiger"], "cat"),
new Question("choose lion pls?", ["lion", "goat", "tiger", "dog"], "lion")

function Question(text, choices, answer) {
this.text = text;
this.choices = choices;
this.answer = answer;

Question.prototype.isCorrectAnswer = function(choice) {
return this.answer === choice;

function Quiz(questions) {
this.score = 0;
this.questions = questions;
this.questionIndex = 0;

Quiz.prototype.getQuestionIndex = function() {
return this.questions[this.questionIndex];

Quiz.prototype.guess = function(answer) {
if (this.getQuestionIndex().isCorrectAnswer(answer)) {


Quiz.prototype.isEnded = function() {
return this.questionIndex === this.questions.length;

// create quiz
var quiz = new Quiz(questions);

// display quiz

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