Create Border using css background property

This is one of the very simple method to create the vertical and horizontal border using the css background properties. Here i am using the background image as a one image element to create a border. First we have to see how to create the horizontal border using css background properties.

First you should set the div height should be same as a image height and then set the background-image:url('image-url') to the particular div and set background repeat: repeat-x it repeat the image 100% width then the border is ready according to your border element (image). Same as you can set the vertical bar using the properties background repeat: repeat-y and set the background image same as a horizontal border. It is simple but very useful for some types of fancy website like temple and photos studio and events types of websites.

code for to create vertical and horizontal border using border element:

<!DOCTYPE html>
.bg-repeat-x {
background-image: url("border-element.png");
background-repeat: repeat-x;

.bg-repeat-y {
background-image: url("border-element.png");
background-repeat: repeat-y;
<div class="bg-repeat-x">

<div class="bg-repeat-y">

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