Simple Flash news using Marquee tag

This is simple marquee text using html and css . This is very useful to create Flash news or latest News for website

<table  style="height:40px;width:1100px;"><tr><td>
<div class="label" style="width:1070px;padding-bottom:10px">
<marquee id="ml" direction="left"
scrolldelay="10" scrollamount="3" onmouseover="this.stop()" onmouseout="this.start();">
<table style="height:15px;display:inline-block"><tr style="height:15px">                            
<td valign="top" style="height:15px" >
<div id="txtblnk" style="padding-left:20px;width:auto;">
<strong><font color="red">Flash News:</font></strong>
</div></td><td valign="top" ><div id="">
<span> Flash News information goes here</span> <a href="">(Read More)</a>&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp
</tr>  </table>  </marquee>

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