Create custom shape images in Photoshop

Today i am going to tell you how to create custom shape image with the help of Photoshop tool. This one of the simple method to create custom type images. To follow below steps and download the Photoshop file and practice it. Using this method we should create various shapes of images. In this i provide the step by step screenshot to better understanding. Check out the below steps.

create custom shape image

Step1: File->New  set width and height

Step:2 Go to Custom shape tool  and select the shape which one you want

Step3:Choose the shape

Step:4 Draw the shape

Step5: Go to file place the image which one you want

Step:6: Adjust the image to cover the shape

Step7 : Drag the shape layer to image  layer

Step8: Now see the result , You select the different types of shape create different types of images .

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Download the Photoshop File

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